Sunday, 21 July 2013

International Zine Month: ZINE DISTRIBUTION WEEK (week 3)

We're on week 3 of International Zine Month already!  I'm getting a wee bit tired of the daily tweeting and such, but the tasks and the daily reads are lots of fun!  If you don't already know, I'm taking part in all 31 tasks for IZM as set by Alex Wrekk; make sure you follow my progress on Facebook and Twitter! Here's what I did this week:

15 – Leave a zine in public for someone else to find.
I went out for lunch with my boyfriend and left some copes of my free feminist minizine 'How to prevent sexual assault' in the ladies toilets.  

Plus, when I did my big shop at Tesco this week, I put a load of feminist minizines titled 'Reasons to be a feminist' inside the women's magazines.  I do this every now and again when I have the time and inclination - I'd like to think that if even one person enjoys reading my zine or learns something from it, then I've done a good deed. :)

16 – Send your zine to a distro for distro consideration.
I sent my latest perzine to Sweet Candy Distro, a US zine distro that sells lovely feministy zines.

17 – Review a zine online or write a review of a zine to add to your zine.
I've decided that at the end of the month, I'm going to review all 31 zines read this month for IZM! Keep your eyes open for that bumper zine review post.

18 – Order from a zine distro that you have never ordered from before.
I ordered from Doris Press (run by Cindy Crabb, author of 'Doris' zine), which sells lots of amazing social justice and political zines.  I highly recommend Doris Press' catologue, there were so many zines that I wanted to buy, but had to limit myself to $20 total!

19 – Zine Shop appreciation day! Stop by a shop that sells zines and buy some zines or consign your zines.
Unfortunately the nearest zine shops to me are in London (a 3.5hr train journey away!) so I was unable to visit any.  However, I did send some zines to a bunch of zine libraries.  Check out the full list of UK zine libraries in the blog sidebar ---> ---> --->

20 – Free Zine Day! Give your zine away to someone!
I gave away a free copy of my latest zine to all my friends!

BONUS: Read a zine every day

Here are mine from the week:

Next week is ZINE LIBRARY AND ZINE EDUCATION WEEK - what will you be getting up to?  Don't forget to share your blog posts, tweets, and photos with us! :)

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