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NB: Due to an overwhelming amount of interest, review requests are currently closed.  News requests are still open.


If you’d like your zine to be featured on this blog, send an email to spillthezinesuk @ gmail.com with the subject line “review request”, and the name of the author, the zine title, a short description, and the location of the author, like so:

Name of Author: Cath Elms
Zine Title: Here. In My Head. #4
Short Description: A feminist perzine featuring written pieces on friendship, jealousy, casual sexism, and things that make me happy.  40 pages, ¼ sized, £1.
City/county of Author: Swansea
Preferred gender pronoun (optional): she

I will then get back to you and let you know if you need to send me a copy, or if I already have a copy of your zine.  If I do not have a physical copy of your zine, you’ll need to send me one.  If you provide me with a SAE, I can return the zine when I'm done.  Please note, I only review zines published out of the UK (why? see here).
Zines I particularly like:*
Feminist zines
Queer/sexuality/gender zines
Environmental/activism/social justice zines
Arts/crafts zines
Music zines
Travel zines
Mental health/disability zines

Zines I will not review: Anything hateful, which includes (but is not limited to) homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and ableism.

If your zine fits in to the 'like' category, send it over!  If it doesn’t fit in to either category, you can still request a review.  I might not be into other types of zine (e.g. photography zines) but I’ll review them as fairly as possible.  Please bear in mind that my reviews are sometimes critical.

Any questions, feel free to email - spillthezinesuk @ gmail.com.  :)

* - as mentioned elsewhere, this blog is run by one person, and I only have a finite amount of energy. STZ focuses on my personal favourite zine genres because these are the zines I read often and have the most to say about.  I will of course review other types of zines on request, but due to my personal preferences these reviews may be critical.  If anyone wants to review some zines (of any genre) for STZ, get in touch and I'll be happy to publish them!

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