Sunday, 27 November 2011

Zine News Round-Up: 27.11.11

photo by Catherine Elms

1. Zine Releases
2. Upcoming Events
3. Submission Calls
4. Distro News
5. AOB (Any Other Business)


1. Zine Releases
- RAGE, a counter-zine for freshers published out of London, is now available to view online for free!  Definitely worth a flick-through.
- London art zine “Naked Victorian Babes in Space” was released last week, and according to the author, “it does exactly what it says on the tin”.  Contact the author for your copy here (she also has a free zine out called “Screw Your Zine”, so ask for that one too!).
- “Snow Black’s Dresses: Paper Doll Adventures” is out now!  Each copy comes with 7 paper dolls for you to dress yourself!
- Rum Lad #5 is out now, featuring stories and drawings detailing the Moloch/Thou tour of the West Coast of USA.  Buy a copy at Steve’s website or at Vampire Sushi distro.
- Welsh zine “Sadwrn” (welsh for both “Saturday” and the planet Saturn) was released this week.  The zine features poetry in Welsh and English, and a Wales-inspired dream.  Read it online here.

2. Upcoming Events
- ShadowPlay’s fanzine evening: 30th November. 7pm til 10pm at Drink, Shop & Do in Kings Cross, London on the 30th November from 7pm-10pm. More information can be found on their blog.
- Charity art groups Egaku and Smile have teamed up to organise a Christmas Charity Art fair on 1st December.  4 til 9.30pm at  Designersblock, London. To donate artwork to be sold, get in touch asap at EgakuSmileATgmailDOTcom.
- Girls Get Busy Zines & Art Exhibition: 3rd – 4th December at The Shaklewell Arms, London.  12 til 5pm. More info here.
- Bristol Radical Zine Fest: 12th February 2012, 12 til 6pm at Kebele Community, Co-Op. Want to apply for a table? Email with a bit about who you are and what you’ll be selling before 8th January 2012.

3. Submission Calls
- R is collecting submissions for a zine written about and for people who hear voices.  Any kind of submissions are welcome - personal and technical/academic writing is welcome in any format from prose to poetry and beyond.  Artwork is welcome.  Any submissions or questions about the project can be emailed to gadfi_um AT yahoo dot co dot uk.
- Dirty Grrrl zine is looking for personal pieces about exploring one’s sexuality.  Writing, poetry, and artwork welcome.  Questions and submissions can be sent to
- Katy B is starting a new project called “Three Days In…”, and is looking for submissions on travels you’ve been on, your home town, or a place you’ve researched that you’ve always wanted to visit.  Photos and mementos can be submitted too. For more info, email
- AK from Princesa Pirata Distro is calling for submissions on the topic of consent.  She is looking for pieces about one’s own experiences, but also welcome are helpful tips, text you might have seen in other zines, useful resources, good books to read etc.  Deadline: end of January 2012. Contact for more info.
- Make It Work is “a  DIY fat radical craft zine, focusing on strategies for resistance, tutorials and craft projects for fellow awesome fats”.  They’re looking for submissions for their next issue.  More info can be found at their tumblr.
- Want to contribute artwork or writing to the tenth issue of the Girls Get Busy zine, a nonprofit feminist collective? Email by 16th December!

4. Distro News
- Marching Stars was updated last Tuesday with more zines and oodles of new descriptions!
- There are new zines, bookmarks, and crafty bits available at Pushpin Zines!

5. A.O.B.
- Emma Jane Falconer (of Fanzine Ynfytyn) is giving away zine grab bags and Fanzine Ynfytyn mixpacks. Grab yours at her etsy store before she runs out!

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