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Zine News Round-Up: 13.10.13

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1.            New Releases
2.            Upcoming Events
3.            Submission Calls
4.            Distro News
5.            A.O.B.

1.New Releases

The first issue of Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potter is available to buy now!  Details can be found at

Mental health perzine Milk and Apples #3 was released this week – check it out at the author’s etsy store:

A new perzine titled ‘Unblissfully #1’ is now available to buy and trade!  Get your copy here.

Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell #19 is out now!  Buy your copy at Vampire Sushi distro.

‘How to Make Zines and Why’, a practical guide to making zines, was released last weekend at BCZF, and is now available to buy at Princesa Pirata distro.

Art zine ‘Trees!’ has been released this month, and is available as a digital or print version for free.  The zine can be downloaded here, and read online here.

2.Upcoming Events

Autumn Zine Fest: 20 October at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston, London.

Undersea Zines DIY & Cultures Fair: 27 October at Deptford Church Street, London, 11am – 5pm.  There are still tables available – loads of details can be found at

Print Matters: A Fanzine and Self-Publishing Workshop: 25 October at Studio 74, London, 10am.

BOON MAGAZINE & U-BEND PRESENTS BOON MAGAZINE ISSUE #3 ZINE FAIR: 15 November in Brighton.  The organisers are currently looking for people to submit their zines for sale at the event - for more info email steve @

London Queer Zine Fest: 01 December at Space Station 65, London.

SW Zines Presents A Christmas Zine Social: 07 December at Housmans Radical Book Shop, Kings Cross, 7pm.

3.Submission Calls

Poor Lass, a zine about working-class women, is looking for submissions for its third issue!  The theme is ‘family’. Details here:

‘Stories from Space Camp’ is an alternative sci fi and fantasy quarterly looking for submissions for their first issue.  Submissions from people who feel alienated from mainstream sci fi & fantasy media are particularly welcome. Check out the Facebook page for more info:

Litzine ‘Hand Job’ is looking for written work to publish in its second issue.   For more details, or to get hold of issue 1 of free, email handjobzine @

A new zine dealing with death & loss is looking for submissions. We'd like to put a workbook-type zine together, with strategies for & articles on grieving and dealing with death. Get in touch at ipsumATriseupDOTnet.

DUPE is calling for submissions for its third publication: “THE DARK ISSUE" due for release in Winter 2013.We are looking for original and creative material in the form of photography, illustration, collage, writing, poetry, reviews, interviews etc. The work must respond to the theme but it can be interpreted as literally or abstractly as you like.  More details at

4. Distro News

There’s a new distro in town!  Sister Ectoplasma Distro is based in London and specialises in “queer, feminist, perzine, arty” zines.  Check out their catalogue at

Vampire Sushi zine distro has had a complete website redesign!  Check it out and order some cool zines: 

Princesa Pirata is now selling their lovely 2014 calendars, plus new zines, on the distro website:

 Did we miss anything?  Let us know – spillthezinesuk @ .

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