Sunday, 4 August 2013

International Zine Month: JUST FOR FUN WEEK (week 5)

Well, we're at the end of International Zine Month, and it's been a blast. Thank you all for playing along, I hope you've enjoyed too! Here is the final week's round-up:


28 - Cook with a recipe from a zine or cook zine!
Ok, confession time - I had every intention of doing this, but didn't get round to it in the end, mostly due to post-work tiredness.  FAIL.

29- Post a photo online of you with your zine or your zine collection.
Here's me with my new zine!

30 - Read some zines! Lay in bed and read zines all day if you can!
Agh, another big fat fail.  I should have cleared the afternoon and just stayed in bed reading zines, but instead I made plans and spent my afternoon/evening doing boring adult chores and such. Sigh.

31 - Log into WeMakeZines and write about your experience or write about it on your own blog.
Done and done!

Extra credit - Read a zine every day

Review of IZM 2013

It was lots of fun, especially tweeting every day about the challenges, and sharing other people's experiences online.  However, with retrospect pledging to do all 31 was very ambitious, and only could've been accomplished if I'd actually spent some time planning ahead what I was going to do, and making time for the challenges on the days needed (e.g. day 30).  Perhaps next year I'll just pick a few to do.

Reading a zine a day was such a rewarding challenge!  I don't make as much time for reading zines as I should, as I often get bogged down by doing "more important things" like work stuff and writing for this blog. IZM definitely reminded me why I love reading zines, and from now on I'm going to make an effort to read them more often.  Here are all the zines I read during the month:

I'm going to write a short review of each one over the weekend, so keep your eyes open for that! - changed my mind about this, am too busy and run down right now, sowwy :(

If you missed it, you can read my review of each week here:

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