Monday, 18 March 2013

Zine News Round-Up: 18.03.13

photo by Ten Minute Reviews - thanks!

Had to post our news round-up a day late due to how tired we were this weekend after Sheffield Zine Fest (a review of the event will be published on Sunday)!  Enjoy!



1. Zine Releases
2. Upcoming Events
3. Submission Calls
4. Distro news
4. AOB


1. Zine Releases
- ‘Buy Her Candy’ #5, a queer feminist perzine, was released this weekend!  Contact Bettie for a copy. Details here.
- ‘Pandora Press #6: The Media Issue’, is out now.  Details on how to buy a copy can be found at the Swansea Feminist Network blog.
- ‘Paper and Ink: A Literary Zine’ was released this week.  More info at  
- Issue 6 of ‘The Strange New Times Zine’ is out now! More info about the zine can be found at  

2. Upcoming Events
 - DIY Cultures 2013: Sunday 7 April, 12 til 7pm.  A festival of zines, comics, artist-run spaces, talks, films, art and workshops.  
 - Any upcoming UK zine events?  Let us know –!

3. Submission Calls
 - ‘Narwool’ is a new zine by and for crafty people, featuring tutorials, how-to’s, artwork, and more.  To submit, contact the editor Kim at
- Twigs and Apples, a zine collective based in Preston, are looking for submissions for their latest comp zine.  Welcome topics include “art, illustration, photography, writing, reviews, music, film, veganism, recipes, anarchism, environmentalism, sports, gardening, bike-riding, philosophy, travel, DIY & craft”.  More info at  
 - Kat W is looking for reviews, essays, quotes and artwork for her Stephen King fanzine, titled ‘Death Is When The Monsters Get You’.  For more info, email
- Annabell is creating a zine called ‘fōbēə’, focusing on strange and obscure phobias. Illustration, articles, and stories all welcome, and even if you don't fancy submitting but have an obscure phobia you’d like to share, that would be helpful too. More info, email

4. Distro News
- There’s a new distro in town! Girls Get Busy zine distro stocks feminist/female-authored zines.  Take a look at their developing catalogue and buy some cool zines at

5. AOB
- Check out this cool short film about Sheffield Zine Fest!

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  1. Brilliant to meet you on Saturday -- thanks for posting the link to that video too, love how much of the feel of the day they manage to capture.

    I found a flyer for another Manchester Zinefest that you might want to add to the diary -- May 5, 2013 from 12pm to 4pm – Victoria Baths, Manchester, no website but £2.50 in.