Sunday, 1 April 2012

What do you like reading in a zine? An online survey

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Last month, from the Spill the Zines twitter account and Facebook page, I asked for people’s favourite things to read in a zine. This was a great way to crowdsource some ideas on what to include in your own zine if you’re stuck for inspiration, and to share some of our mutual likes and dislikes in the zine world, so I am reproducing the answers here.  Please add your own favourite things in the comments!


Rachel (@bransonatron): I love mood-board style collages, poetry and non-fiction pieces! Oh, and attention to detail with decorations, like borders :)

Sarah-Beth (@kittenesque): I like reading about things other people are passionate about, anything that challenges my own views, lists, things about self improvement, cut and paste or hand drawn layouts, reviews of books/music that make you want to immediately check it out.

Sammstein M: doodles!

Louise: Messy cut and paste layouts, handwriting, textured surfaces, layers – something a little different from the usual typed-text-laid-on-dainty-patterns look!

Lucy (@yes_lucy): I like reading reviews or personal reflections on stuff, as long as they're thoughtful and not a rant.

Ingrid: I love self improvement topics, inspirational ways of living against the grain.

Tim M: I like reading something that tells me what's going on in a person's mind, that gives me the impression s/he has some original thoughts and is not hidebound by rigid ideology and that combines humour (not necessarily laugh-out-loud, but some sign of perspective and perception of how beautifully absurd life can be) and seriousness.

Sarah (@wordgeeksarah): funny/unusual perspectives on the world. Anecdotes (rather than entire lifestories), doodles and collagey layouts! sounds a bit callous, by I'd rather read about one isolated event than a general "my life sucks/is awesome" overview!

Lisa: Personal stories, introspection, lists, hopes & dreams, general musings, anything the writer feels very passionate about...

Caitlin (@wondercaitlin): I like stuff that explores the relationship between politics and the personal, and I love authors getting nerdy about the subjects they're passionate about.  Also, lists, great reviews, positive stories, inspirational tutorials, anything to make you get up and go!

Rebecca: life stories, layouts with pretty patterns.

Lizzy (@msdistro): Musings/opinions on life, be they political, reflective, etc. I also like plans, looking forward.

Sarah: cut&paste layouts, personal photos, lots of patterns, textures, stories about life, lists, adventures.

Tracey G: Doodles – especially of maps.

Tasha (@howdoyoutakeit): aesthetically I'm a lover of cut and paste & black and white textured layers and prefer layouts that have been well thought out... the content doesn’t necessarily need to be grammatically accurate but when well written, regardless of topic, passionately… if it was worth the time of day for that person to want to sit down and write it - that's what really does it for me.

Emma: Personal stories/experiences, lists, feminism, collages, interesting layouts (though anything, really, as long as it's honest and well-written).

Thomas B: a tinier zine inside it.

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  1. This was really awesome! I like a combination of almost everything here. I appreciate a really rad layout but if the writing is amazing, then I don't even care. As for content, I love reading about people's lives or history, particularly when it deals with mental health. I also love living vicariously through others adventures or experiences.

    Ummm, feminism based things, lists, reading about people's loves and hates, reading about books and zines, film, diagrams and doodles. I love people who are getting passionate about things and doing stuff to make a difference in the world. I love reading about peoples' jobs, whatever they may be. Daily routines. Anything personal really.