Sunday, 10 July 2011

Zine News Round-Up!

Hello again!  As you have hopefully noticed, we’ve tidied up the blog a bit today by updating the links section and setting up our own Facebook page!  If you’re on Facebook, go over and ‘like’ us; you’ll be notified every time we update the blog, and make us all feel very loved. :)  On the topic of links, don’t forget that we’re still looking for people to trade with! Take a look at our link exchange guidelines here.  Also, we’re still looking for writers – more info here.

Enjoy the news and we’ll see you soon!

Cath x


1. Zine Releases
2. Upcoming Events
3. Submission Calls
4. Distro News
5. AOB (Any Other Business)


1. Zine Releases
 - I’ve released issue 9 of my feminist perzine Here. In My Head.  More info on how to buy a  copy can be found at my blog.

 - Illustrator Sky Nash has released another one of her art-zines, titled There Are a Few Things I Would Like to Send in the Post.  Buy a copy at her etsy shop.
 - Melanie Maddison has released issue two of 'Shape & Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women', a zine of posters made highlighting the history and lives of radical inspirational women and collectives from Europe
.  Ordering info can be found here.
 - The first issue of Gurl Love zine is out now!  Temporarily out of stock, so maybe check back in a week or so at their Big Cartel store.

2. Upcoming Events
 - July 21st is Zine Library Day, a worldwide day created to honour zine libraries and their workers.  More info at
 - Edinburgh Zine Fair: 7th August. Hosted by Zorras, it's being held at the Forest Cafe from 12 til 5pm. More info here. RSVP on Facebook here.
 - Cambridge Creative Fair: 3rd September.  Hosted by the Whirlygig Collective, 10.30am til 6pm.  For more info, email the organisers at infoATwhirlygigDOTme.
 - Camden Zine Fest: 8th October.  Stall and workshop applications are now open, and they’re completely free!  Book yours at

3. Submission Calls
 - Pandora Press, the Swansea Feminist Network zine, and is looking for submissions for its first issue!  The deadline is 17th July. More info can be found at the SFN blog here
 - Gurl Love zine is looking for submissions for its second issue. The deadline is the end of July. Send photos, drawings, prose, poems or anything else Gurl Love related to gurllovezineATgooglemailDOTcom.
 - Sarah Deetz is looking for submissions for a teen zine – she’s looking for things like mini-essays, old MySpace/webcam photos, diary entries, teen bedrooms, love letters, and drawings, all from when we were teenagers.  For more info, email Sarah at

4. Distro News
 - Having existed offline for a few years, Princessa Pirata distro now has a website where you can order some great queer/anarcha-feminist zines! Take a look at
 - Marching Stars is on temporary hiatus. Also, Lizzy is always looking for people to write zine descriptions for her catalogue, so if you’re interested drop her a line.
 - Vampire Sushi is on hiatus for two weeks, as Tukru and Carl are on holiday in Finland.

5. A.O.B.- Don't forget that July is International Zine Month! To celebrate, you could make a 24-hour zine, throw a cake-and-zines party, a big zine sale, or just spend this week's earnings entirely on zines (what do you mean, you do that already?)!
 - A few people have written about last month's Zine Fest @ The Women’s Library, including Feminist Memory, Miss Tukru, and Ingrid.  Ingrid also posted a lovely photo of Caitlin and I looking after Lizzy’s Marching Stars stall:


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