Monday, 25 April 2011

News Round-Up!

Happy easter everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying the rest of the lovely long weekend with plenty of chocolate eggs!  This fortnight has been a fairly busy one in the UK zine scene, notably for the massive success of the London Zine Symposium last weekend, which plenty of people have written about on their blogs (see below)!  Spill the Zines has now made a flyer, some of which were distributed at the London Zine Symposium - if you want to print and distribute your own, here it is:  We’ve also been syndicated on, which is rather exciting.  Take a look at our re-blogged posts here.

Anyway, enjoy our zine news of the fortnight, and do remember to send us any news of your own for us to feature on the next blog update!

Cath x


1. Zine Releases
2. Upcoming Events
3. Zine Reviews
4. AOB (Any Other Business)


1. Zine Releases
Lots of awesome zines were released just in time for the London Zine Symposium last weekend, including:
 - I’m Drawing a Blank, Miss Tukru’s first comic-style zine. Pick up your copy at Vampire Sushi distro!
 - Scratch that Itch #3. I’ve got this feminist perzine, and can’t wait to read it. 
 - Out of the City and Into the Trees #2, written by Jake of Scale Trees Distro.  A zine about a boy that leaves home to live in a treehouse.
 - Adventures in Menstruating #6, a comp-zine themed around periods. Highly recommended!  Get a copy at
 - Virgin #2. This issue is a compilation zine featuring 6 submissions on the topic of virginity.  To buy a copy, paypal £1.50 to virginzineATgmailDOTcom.

2. Upcoming Events
 - EGAKU 2 – Draw for Japan (London): 1st May

3. Zine Reviews
Sophie has written a great zine review post at her blog Oh My Clumsy Heart this week, featuring reviews of Lost Boy #1, Mythologising Me #2, and Oh My Oh No.

4. A.O.B.
 - Vampire Sushi distro has been updated, with lots of new zines in stock.
 - A few people have written reviews of the London Zine Symposium last weekend, including me, Caitlin Gwynn, Amelia’s magazine, Pamflet, and Sophie (Oh My Clumsy Heart).  Any more? Let us know!
 - Will of xyz zine is looking to set up a zinefest in Camden, London, in October!  Zinefests require a great deal of planning and helping hands, so if you want to help Will out with organising this event, get in touch at  There’s more info about the event and the help needed at Will's blog Z is for Zine.

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