Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Send us your news!

Have something you want us to include in our fortnightly zine news round-up?  Awesome! Just send us an email to spillthezinesuk @ gmail.com and we'll pop it in.

Things we like hearing about include:

  • New issue announcements 
  • Distro updates/new distros
  • Calls for submissions 
  • Zine reviews
  • Interesting articles about zines
  • Zines featured in mainstream media
  • Zine events

We'd also like to receive news from you about other people's projects (i.e. "I heard about this upcoming zine event and thought you'd like to mention it on STZ...")!

This blog is now run by only one person, and there's only so much of the internet I can trawl through on a Sunday afternoon, so the more you can send me, the better my posts will be!

Please note, we only feature news about British zines - not due to any sort of silly patriotism, but simply as a way to give the blog a specific focus/thread!  The zine world is a large place, so we can only focus on a little part of it. :)

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